Fair Trade Council

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Fairtrade Council 2014

We have been awarded the Fair Achiever Award from Fairtrade Wales.  We have elected new members for our Fairtrade Council.  Our Fairtrade shop is up and running and will be open every Thursday at 3pm in the Junior Hall.

We purchase our goods from Traidcraft and Co-op.  We have a huge selection of chocolate, sweets and drinks to purchase.  As well as gifts like pens, pencils, wristbands, mirrors etc.  We make no profit from this shop and hope to raise awareness of Fairtrade products.

Here are our Fair Trade Council Members

Travis Morgan

Carys Benbow

Ieuan Rosser

Keira Jones

Vijay Davies

Kara Jones

Kayla Thomas

Mackenzie Perry

Lilly Thomas

Kai Haskins

Tyler Perry